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Dongguan Handsome Property Management Co., Ltd. Profile

  Dongguan Handsome Property Management Co., Ltd. was established in March 2002, which is a subsidiary of Handsome Investment Group, under the capital of 3 million RMB. Dongguan Handsome Property Management Co., Ltd is awarded as the  Secondary-qualified Professional Proper Management Company which is established and registered by Donguan Industry and Commerce Administration and owns the qualification of the independent legal person. It now acts as the Standing Director Organization of Dongguan Property Management Association. We promote a people-oriented, science management, sincere and efficient service business purposes. The residential real estate properties under our management indluding: Humen Feilong Villa, Shatian Yuegang Garden, Dongguan Hailian Building, Houjie Vigor Yuegang, Hengli sunshine Yuegang, and as well as the Taiping cable factory. Dongguan Handsome Property Management Co., Ltd. is in charge of more than 60 million square meters management area.
  The company has established human resources department, quality department, finance department, Management Office of Yuegang Garden, Feilong Villa, Hailian Building, Vigor Yuegang, Sunshine Yuegang and the management office of other external properties so as to comply with the development demand of profession, socialization and market and the service offered covers intermediary of the real estate, electrical apparatus and water power maintenance, greening, cleaning and health, parking lot, security prevention and other service. We will provide each owner with 24-hour hotel-type home-based service with the service level of being enthusiastic, polite, patient and considerate.

  There are more than 200 employees in the company, among which, the ones with the educational background of junior college or higher than that account for more than 40% and more than 60% employees have achieved the qualification certificate of the property management post, therefore, a property management team with high comprehensive quality, strong adaptability capacity and high professional is fostered.

  The service quality is the lifeline for the development of the company and the company has received the recognition from the owners and the ones in the same industry with high-standard and excellent management service since its establishment, meanwhile, Vigor Yuegang Garden and Sunshine Yuegang Garden have passed through the evaluation of the municipal and provincial excellent. Moreover, relatively mature and rich experience has been accumulated in the perspective of the implementation of the property management of residence community and office building. It is believed that the public image, social credit and excellent service of Handsome Property Management Co., Ltd. will be widely recognized by the society.

  The company has implemented the strategy of brand development, centered on customer satisfaction and provided professional service product to cultivate innovative and people-oriented enterprise culture.

I. Organizational structure of the company

II. Enterprise target: rooting in Dongguan and creating brand

III. Enterprise philosophy: quality is life, customer is our God and service is the golden rule for the life of the enterprise

IV. The (operation) aim of the company: serve for the customer with advanced thought, scientific management, excellent service, satisfactory credit and pioneering spirit.

V. Enterprise spirit: realistic, uniting cooperation, painstaking struggle and respecting work

VI. Enterprise ethnics: loyal, selfless, diligent, frugal, united, honest, self-renewal, polite, discipline-abiding and keeping faith

VII. Enterprise style: being rigorous and realistic, painstaking struggle, unity and hard work, struggle and hard work

VIII. Employee principle: patriotic to our motherland, loyal to the company; respecting work and diligent work; modest and eager to learn and keeping forging ahead; principle and law-abiding; consistent promise and behavior, good-faith; respecting mutually and polite to colleague.