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Industry profile:

The Hansen Investment Group Co., Ltd. started the real estate business in 1999 and established Dongguan Yuegang Garden Construction Co., Ltd., Energy Yuegang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Hansen Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The Group developed several large-scale housing projects with the total construction area of nearly one million square meters in Humen Town, Shatian Town and Hengli Town, which built an effective and crack construction team. The developed competitive projects include the Dragon Villa in Humen Town, Yuegang Garden and Energy Yuegang in Shatian Town and the Sun Yuegang in Hengli Town. Theses projects not only promote the upgrade of the housing quality in the town and city, but promote the inosculation of the cities and win customers’ praise. The Period 3 of Yuegang Garden and the Period 2 of Sun Yuegang have been promoted in admiration and surprise, which will benefit the whole city.