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    Handsome Group is a large private enterprise group in Dongguan. Since its founding, Handsome always adheres to take "integrity" as business purposes, and "investment diversification, scientific management" as business principles. It inherits the "people-oriented" management philosophy, and advocates "warmth, forge ahead, and innovation" enterprise culture. Therefore, Handsome Group insists on the cultural guidance that employees and the enterprise should grow together. Handsome Group is dedicated to cultivating employees and accelerating growth of employees by multi-channel and multi-level, and upgrading core competitiveness of enterprise.
Handsome Group under the leadership of chairman Wei Hong CHEN and CEO Man Xin Chen, relying on strong support from all sectors of society, with the handsome man's ingenuity and hard work developed into a large enterprise group with high-tech and commercial real estate development business regarded as the leading industry. At the same time, Handsome engaged in biological pharmacy, hotel industry, property management, domestic trade and industrial investment and large retail stores, and other industries.
    The height of the thought determines the depth and breath of the development. In 2000, Wei Hong CHEN, chairman of Handsome Group, decided to target the real estate industry in humen town, shatian town, hengli town and other regions in Dongguan city, and to make multiple equisite products. The total area of residential district is nearly one million square meters. From then on, Handsome Group has reached more promising platform as residential projects like Feilong Villa in Humen town, Yuegang Garden and Living Yuegang in Shatian town and Sunshine Yuekang in Hengli Town, spring up one after one. These projects possess a superior geographical location and large building-scale. In addition, the advanced design, high green coverage rate and perfect supporting facilities are their advantages. Handsome Group continuously releases Sunshine Yuekang phase II and Yuegang Garden phase III. They become symbol of noble quality, because they meticulously refined the essence of the early development of residential projects, promoting the residential quality to the extreme.
    With the continuous development of real estate projects, Handsome Property Management Company came into being accordingly and had made great strides. In October 2010, the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. The community it managed and served won various honors, including Residential Model in Province and Municipality. After the company was approved as “Third Grade qualification of property management in People's Republic of China” by the Ministry of Construction, at present, it is actively declaring two grade qualifications to provide better service for the majority of owners.
    In 2003, South Hotel that Handsome Group built by the standard of four-star hotel in Guangzhou started to operate, announcing officially that Handsome would enter the high-end hotel industry. In 2004, it purchased six-storey department store of Guangsheng mansion in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, which demonstrated that Handsome Group marched towards investment in commercial real estate.
    Following the aim of marching towards big and medium-sized city and commercial real estate, Handsome Group had set up Handsome Hotel Management Ltd.in Guangdong province, Handsome International Hotel Ltd. in Dongguan City and Handsome Property Ltd. in Huizhou city. Besides, Handsome Group completed the acquisition of Shenzhen Investment and Development Ltd. which is responsible for five-star hotels and commercial real estate development projects in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and Huizhou. The tremendous progress has been made. Handsome Tower, located in Futian District, Shenzhen had been open to the public in 2014. The tower equipped with  international smart devices and high-end business services runs Grade A office buildings, business, five-star hotel into one. The well-known enterprises stationed in the tower can be provided with remarkable business experience with strong climate of business in its surrounding and the mature commercial facilities. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Wyndham Grand Hotel, leading luxury hotel brand, was also open for business in 2014. The hotel is the subsidiary of America Wyndham Group, one of the largest hotel group in the world. Besides, it is the first Wyndham Grand Hotel in southern China. Further more, Handsome has invested in Luofu Center, Luofushan Resort & Spa, and Handsome International Hotel in Dongguan City. And the construction of it demonstrates that Handsome Group makes great progress in achievement in the field of commercial real estate.
    Relying on the golden opportunity of the upgrade in Dongguan, Handsome Group removed its headquarters to Songshan Lake National High-tech Zone in 2010.  It established Guangdong Handsome Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. ltd. after combining with strong scientific research force.  The company mainly develops and produces the diagnostic drugs which are used for major infectious disease, such as tuberculosis. It actively struggles for the cause of human health and strives to become an influencial biopharmaceutical company at home and abroad. In Handsome, Scientific and technological innovation is fundamental to the guarantee for sustainable development and shaping of core competitiveness. When actively constructing biological products industrialization, Handsome, from long-term perspective, cooperates with many domestic universities to research & develop new products and new technologies. Currently, Guangdong Handsome Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. acquired Guangzhou Qi Bao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which means the company marches formally to cosmeceutical industry on bio-technology platform. And the company dedicates itself to applying the latest technology, quality standards and management models to the development & production of skin care products.
Handsome Investment Group not only provides products and services for the community, but also undertakes social responsibility and has been contributing to society. Handsome having been devoted to philanthropy donated over 20 million yuan in cash to the charity organization successively and established charity foundation.
    Handsome is recognized and respected by society for its perseverance, so it acquired a variety of precious honors, such as The Most Competitive Enterprise in Guangdong Province, Top 10 Integrity Private Enterprise in Guangdong Province, Top 10 Private Group in Dongguan City, Advanced Unit in Dongguan City, Outstanding Enterprise in Dongguan City, Contract-Honoring and Promise-Keeping Enterprise and A Model Enterprise for Great Enthusiasm for Public Welfare Undertakings, etc. Furthermore, Mr. Chen, a chairman of Handsome Group, was named Outstanding Entrepreneurs in Guangdong Province and still relevant units and organizations held several important positions in relevant units and organization, including A Member of Dongguan CPPCC Standing Committee, Honorary President of the World Federation of Dongguan, Special Adviser of Dongguan Federation of Industry and Commerce, Guangdong Enterprises Association Vice President, Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Guangdong Province, Vice President of Guangdong Province Entrepreneur Association, President of Dongguan Songshan Lake Entrepreneurs Association, and Honorary Vice President of the Dongguan Charity. Man Xin Chen, Handsome Group’s CEO has won the title of “Outstanding Youth of Dongguan businessman”, and serves on Vice President of Guangdong Young Entrepreneurs Association, Deputy President of Dongguan Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice-chairman of Dongguan Self-employed Businesses and Association of Private Enterprises Songshan Lake Branch and Executive Director of Federation of Dongguan Businessman.

    Down-to-earth, step by step, it will always be the most essential attitude of the enterprise; Through the whole journey, Handsome is moving toward internationalization, modernization and diversified direction and striding forward, has created”Handsome”as a brilliant brand with extraordinary strength.